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Rules & Regulations

1. Matches to be singles, off scratch, home & away and to be played no later than 30th September 2021.

 Teams to play in strict handicap order (to the nearest whole number) except at the discretion of both team Captains. All players playing out of order and gaining an advantage to forfeit games. 

3. Two clubs to be promoted / relegated in each division. Every effort will be made to keep the maximum number of clubs in each division to six, wherever any re-organisation of the league takes place

4. A walkover will be scored 5-0 with the offending club also losing 2 points.

SCORING SYSTEM; HOME-Win=0,Draw= -1,Loss= -2     AWAY=Win=+2,DRAW=+1,Loss= 0

5. A minimum of 5 players constitutes a team.

6. Any game not played before 30th September 2021, both clubs deducted 2 points and the game declared void.

7. Fixtures can only be cancelled and rearranged after a clubs first game has been played for the following reasons;

a) Course closure

b) Course deemed unfit

c) Suspension of play from dangerous weather

d) Unforeseen clash with clubs domestic fixtures

8. Annual subscription is £100 per club. Please send cheque payable to The Midland Scratch Leauge to John Shaw, 91 Heath Way, Birmingham, B34 6LG

9. Each divisional winner will receive a cheque for £400.00

10. If a player arrives late and a gap of one clear hole has occurred, then his opponent may claim the game. (However it is not in the spirit of the league to use this rule except as a last resort)

11. Players must be amateurs as defined by the R & A and members of the club they are playing for.

     Former Professionals waiting to be reinstated as amateurs are eligible to play, providing they are members of the club concerned; initially playing off scratch until they have an official club handicap

12. In the event of a tie, the following method of determining the winner will be used:

(a) Individual games for.

(b) results of games between tied teams.

(c) Individual Away games for.

13. A team conceding 2 walk overs will be eliminated from the league and all their results declared null and void.  A letter from the club is then required to reapply to join the leauge.

14. A player can only play for one club during a season

15. GPS Measuring devices may be used in matches

16. Ladies can play in matches for their respective club.

  • They must play from the Men's Tees
  • Their position in the team selection will be determined by their ladies handicap.


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